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A collector's DAO representing the largest Web3 community in the Middle East.

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AstroLabs is a Dubai-based digital capability building company & Google for Startups co-working space member of the GFS Tech Hub Network, with offices in Riyadh and Beirut.

Beauty Tribe is an online beauty store that sells hair oils, skin products, and supplements.

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Biconomy is a relayer infrastructure network and transaction highway to reduce the friction between applications built on the blockchain and the end-users. Biconomy’s relayer network comprises of an SDK and dashboard that abstracts and hides many of the complexities of opening a wallet, storing private keys, paying gas, and buying cryptocurrency.

Blue terra is on a mission to make healthy and sustainable shopping simple and easy. Blue Terra, the first membership-based organic and sustainable online store in the GCC region. We offer a wide variety of organic groceries, with discounts of up to 30% available to our members all year long. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our delivery methods, ensuring that your products are delivered in an environmentally conscious manner within a few hours. Join us in our mission to make organic and sustainable living accessible and convenient for everyone in the GCC region.

Clara is a legal operating system that provides digital tools to help founders form, manage and scale their startups. Using Clara you can digitally form companies in Cayman, Delaware, ADGM and DIFC, as well as generate key startup legal agreements, including SAFEs, founders’ agreement, IP assignment agreements, consulting agreements, advisor agreements and others. Our platform also allows you to build and manage your ESOP, vesting schedules and cap table. Additionally, you can benefit from a built-in data room and share your startup's key information and documents with your potential investors. Clara has a network of experts they can connect you to (depending on specialty and jurisdiction) who can further assist you with any additional legal requirements you may have.

Cluck develops a platform that enables users to find and book photographers online.

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Dapi is a real time banking API that enables companies to accept bank transfer payment within any application instantly with near zero cost. Our mission to simplify bank payment and reduce online processing fees.

10 jobs

ekar enables you to drive a car without owning one! As the Middle East’s first self drive mobility app, pay-as-you-go, or door delivery, anytime, anywhere.

thermal energy storage technology development company to allow industrial facilities to replace fossil fuel boilers with renewable energy resources.

Enhance is the venture builder for the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, Turkey region (MENAPT) that builds online businesses that deliver life-enhancing products and services to their customers. Portfolio companies include Middle East's leading online gifting platform joi (www.joigifts.com). Enhance's investors include venture capital fund 500 Startups, Shorooq Capital, Inet, Hala Capital, Kadi Holding, Two Culture Capital, and leading angel investors from the Middle East, Europe, and the US.

Exirio helps you track your wealth and understand how hard your money is working for you. Any asset, in any major currency, from anywhere in the world, all visible in a simple dashboard.